The Veneera™ guarantee. Our promise of 100% satisfaction.

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Veneera™ products are expertly and precisely matched to your teeth.

If, contrary to expectations, your product does not fit reliably and precisely, please contact our customer service. Within the two-week period, you will receive a replacement free of charge, which will be remanufactured for you taking into account the defects.

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The Teeth-Veneer 2.0 is manufactured according to the highest quality standards.

However, in order to warranty you optimal wearing comfort, the dTeeth-Veneer 2.0 is manufactured very filigree and with a thickness of only 0.3mm - 0.5mm. This requires particularly careful handling. If you accidentally break the Teeth-Veneer, you will receive a free replacement veneer within the first two weeks.

Assuming you didn't break it while cleaning or dropping it. As a rule, there is no need for another impression.

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The Veneera™ Relax-Splint is made from the latest and best materials in the dental industry, and also to the highest quality standards. The quality is therefore based on the current state of medical technology.

It is almost indestructible and will give you many relaxed nights.

In case of very severe teeth grinding and pressing, we recommend replacing the Relax-Splint with a new one every 9-12 months. A new impression is usually not required for this.

A smile that connects

A beautiful smile connects, gives you more confidence and helps you enjoy life more.

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Wellness for the teeth

For a more restful sleep without muscle tension the next day. Protect your teeth and muscles from teeth grinding.

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